SS Double Cone Blender Manufacturer in India

If you are looking for the dead spot free blending of the dry powder, you can try our double cone blender, designed and developed to deliver homogeneous and dead spot free mixing of the solid material, making us prominent in the industries as a most reliable double cone blender manufacturer worldwide. All the contact parts of this blender are made using the AISI 316 grade stainless steel material, whilst other supported equipment is manufactured using AISI 304 SS material. The well balanced design and statically balanced manufacturing of this blender promise for the top quality output in the short span of time without any damage and it is recommended to fill two third of the total quantity.

SS Double Cone Blender Supplier

This double cone blender is manufactured following international quality regulations and also inspected to ensure its compliance with the set standards. The dry powder or granular are added into the blender with the help of loading equipment, where the axial mixing of the respective material takes place. The axial movement of the cone blender helps obtain the thorough mixing of the material, which is essential for the high quality product in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic and other relevant segments. Generally, the offered double cone blender takes 5 to 20 minutes to mix the material, however the time taken by the blender vary as the material.

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Prominent Features :-

  • Delivers thorough mixing of the solid materials in the short span of time
  • Statically balanced manufacturing protects the gear box and motor from any type of damage
  • The axial blending prevents the damaging of the material during the mixing process
  • The baffle design of the blender ensures superior mixing in short time
  • Contact parts are manufactured using AISI 316 SS, non contact using 304 SS
  • Design is as per the cGMP standards
  • The butterfly valve at the bottom enables faster and easier discharging of the final output
  • The assembling of a bin or container at the bottom is possible to ensure dust free operation
  • Available in huge capacity options, starting from 5 kg to 500 kg

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