The precise blending of the material is must in several formulations and to obtain the same, nothing can be better than our V blender. We as a manufacturer of the V blender have developed a truly effective design of the blender that works on the principle of diffusion blending. As apparent from the design two v shaped cylinders are joined at 75° to 90° angle, which both are mounted on the trunnions and hence can easily tumble during the mixing operation. The tumbling of this V shaped cylinders boosts the mobility of the each particle inside and hence empowers the diffusive blending of the material. The continuous blending results in the homogenous and precise mixing of the material in just 15 minutes of the time span. The dust free discharge of the material is possible by assembling bin or container just below the butterfly valve at the bottom.

SS Bin Blender Manufacturer, Supplier in Vadodara – India

To prevent the cross-contamination spanning its life expectancy, all contact parts of this V blender are made from the AISI 316 SS material, whereas non-contact parts are made from the AISI 304 SS. Other than that, precision engineering as per cGMP international quality norms and specifications are the major focuses which we never compromise and hence our array of product is absolutely flawless and efficient for a truly precise mixing of the free-flowing material. This collection of the V blender is widely appreciated in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and cosmetic industries to get the precise mixture of the material in an efficient manner.

V blender is one of the commonly used blenders in the pharmaceutical, and food industry.

Prominent Features :-

  • Delivers precise mixing of free flowing material in an efficient manner
  • The blades are absent hence is also perfect for the fragile material
  • The V shaped blender design ensure complete discharge of the material
  • The discharge of the material is easy through a butterfly valve at the bottom
  • Simple design entitles fast and easy cleaning
  • Design of the blender strongly meets the cGMP standards
  • All the parts are well rounded for the seamless performance
  • Available in 5 liter to 2000 liter capacity at the best price in the industry
  • Higher capacities are also available upon customer request

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