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Degradation-free mixing of dry granules is equally important as homogeneous mixing and this is where our octagonal blender has proven to be the most successful. We as a manufacturer of the octagonal blender have carried out ingenious design with the six corners of product container in order to deliver more tumbler effect to the material and give effective mixing without degrading the particles and for this aspect the offered octagonal blender has become the first choice of the pharmaceutical industries to obtain supreme quality mixing of the granules as well as free flowing powders for tablets and capsules formulation. Further, this blender is competent to intermix any particles irrespective of changeable specific gravities, and apparently delivers high quality output in just 5 to 15 minutes of blending process.

To get the best results with this octagonal blender machine, you need to fill it to the two third of the total volume of the cylinder and for the dust free experience, bin or discharge system can be attached to the container. Butterfly valves are equipped at the inlet and outlet port to make the charging and discharging faster and easier. Further, the design of this pharmaceutical blender has kept as simple as possible in order to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance. All the contacting parts of these blender machine are made from the AISI 316 SS material, whilst non contacting parts are made from the AISI 304 SS material that makes the blender durable, sterile and long lasting, which is widely accepted in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic as well as chemical industries.

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Prominent Features :-

  • The high tumbles of the material inside the container deliver a homogenous mixing of the granules in the short period of time.
  • The butterfly valve at the inlet and outlet ensures easy charging and discharging
  • Easy assembling of the bin or container at discharge ensures a dust free experience
  • The design is as per the cGMP standards of the quality and safety
  • Contact parts are made from AISI 316 SS and non contact parts are made from 304 SS material
  • Ideal for blending of dry powder or granules
  • The simple design enables easy and fast cleaning helps maintain hygiene level and reduce the downtime
  • Available in the varied capacity ranging from 5 liter to 8000 liter
  • Equipped with the PLC for the automatic control of the operations

Notes :- our octagonal blender has proven to be the most successful.We as a manufacturer of Octagonal Blender, Octagonal Blender Machine, Octagonal Blender in India

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