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To give you an efficient and economical option for the blending of solid, slurry, or liquid material, we are here with the world class quality range of the ribbon blender, a blender that is powerful enough to mix bulk material uniformly. We, as a manufacturer, have utilized the AISI-grade SS (316,304) material to impart considerable strength and corrosion resistance throughout its life expectancy. The precision engineering of the blender takes place under strict quality control to obtain a cGMP-compliant range of the blender that delivers seamless execution during the mixing or blending of the solid to solid, solid to liquid material.

SS Ribbon Blender Manufacturer in Vadodara

The horizontal shafts are installed precisely in the U shaped vessel to obtain the high blending strength for the bulk mixing. The double ribbons in the Ribbon Blender Manufacturer, blender provides to and fro, up and down motion to the powder, while the blades move diagonally in the reverse direction to the ribbons in order to smash lumps and large sized particles from the mixture. This combination has left a strong impression in the pharmaceutical, food, fertilizer, chemical and cosmetic industries for its homogeneous mixing capabilities. To get the best output with this pharmaceutical ribbon blender, it is recommended to fill two third of the blender during the mixing process. Standard to customize all types of this blender is available at the best price in the industry, contact us today to avail.

Prominent Features :-

  • Ingenious design along with the latest technology ensures lumps free mixing of the material
  • Suitable to mix solid to solid and solid to liquid efficiently
  • Made from the AISI 316 SS and 304 SS material ensures clean and hygienic mixing
  • The contra mixing ribbon design delivers uniform mixing in short time
  • The complete design of the blender is as per cGMP standards
  • The less corner design of the blender enables easy and fast cleaning
  • Available in capacity ranging from 50 kg to 5000 kg model
Manufacturers a large range of ribbon blenders and ribbon mixers for all industries.
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