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Are you facing issues with the stirring application? Try our latest technology based overhead stirrer, designed to deliver the seamless stirring experience. As this is very popular among the pharmaceutical industries, is also renowned as a pharmaceutical stirrer in the market. The complete assembly is made from the AISI 316 SS and 304 SS material, whereas design meets all international quality as well as safety standards that ultimately make stirring processes efficient and safe.

The robust combination of the drive and impeller is appropriate for the mixing, blending, homogenization, dispersing of low viscosity to high viscosity material without any hassle. Whether it is liquid, solution, ointment or solid – liquid material, the offered stirrer guarantees for the quality output in the most efficient manner and that’s what makes it ideal among pharmaceutical industries. Other than that, it is easy to mount this stirrer on any type of drum or vessel without any extra efforts, thanks to the telescopic stand. It means you can fit this stirrer on almost any type of vessel and this is apparently going to make your task easier.
Based on the drive capacity, we have extensive options in the industrial stirrer, whilst the custom build is also available as per your drawing or specifications at the best rates in the India as well as other countries.

Industrial Stirrer Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Prominent Features :-

  • Fulfills the stirring or blending need of the any type of material
  • Meets all quality and safety standards of international regulation
  • Contact parts of the stirrer are AISI 316 SS, whilst non contact parts are 304 SS
  • Delivers efficient and uniform mixing of low to high viscosity material
  • The entire assembly can be fitted to any type of vessel or container
  • Available in variable volume capacity ranging from 2 liter to 25 liter
  • Comes with the complete automatic regulation system as well as digital display error

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